Charity fundraiser “Karoline”

Charity fundraiser “Karoline”
We have saved a nameless kitten. Now you can save Karoline.

“There was light that hit my eyes. It struck me blind. I got hit by something and flew across the road. The next thing I knew it hurt like crazy. I was lying there, not knowing for how long, cars racing past me and me wishing somebody would pull over and take me with them to give me treatment. It was freezing outside. The pain was growing worse and I had already given up hope when a car suddenly stopped and somebody picked me up. They laid me on one of the seats and we got going. I didn’t know where to, but I certainly hoped help was coming. I kept loosing my consciousness and when I finally woke up, I saw people in white cloaks leaning over me. Just then I heard the worst words ever: “what should we do with her? We have to put her down…”. I felt like screaming … Please no, I want to live so bad! But I couldn’t get a single word out of my mouth, such was the pain. Luckily, somebody else raised their voice or me: “Let’s wait a few hours. Somebody might still take her in and try to save her. If not, then…”

My name is Karoline. I am a 7 year old female kitty. Since 21st February 2020 I have been hospitalised in a dedicated clinic in Brno, what with my nose running like crazy and respiratory issues. I can’t even pee without help. I can’t walk. And it all hurts way too much. I know now that my spine is fractured. So might my pelvis bone be. Also, I will probably never walk again. I simply must keep on fighting though. For myself, and for those who have given me this chance as well. I do now want to let them down. I just want to live so much…”

We have saved a nameless kitten. Now you can save Karoline.

The treatment costs for the kitten’s hospitalisation and further medical care are going to exceed 50.000 CZK. We know how much it is, but we will not be able to do this without you. That is why we are launching this “Karoline” charity campaign. We shall keep you posted on the kitten’s medical state, the amount raised, and we shall be thankful to everyone for their contributions. The transparent account number that you can follow and transfer funds to is 2300631495/2010, IBAN: CZ24 2010 0000 0023 0063 1495, SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPP. Please mark your transaction as “Karoline”. In case the raised amount exceeds Karoline’s treatment costs and no more after-care needs to be covered, the money will be used to build a cat enclosure and an intake ward for recently captured and found cats.

If you still are not quite sure whether our decision was right, look into Karoline’s eyes and you will find your answer there.
Thank you all who fight for Karoline!

Cat shelter Dobré ruce, z.s. is a nonprofit organisation subsidised neither by the state nor the municipality nor otherwise. Our core activities are:
— Catching feral, stray and injured cats
— Medical care
— Finding new homes
— Spaying and neutering programmes
— Providing gravely ill, disabled, and unplacable cats with a home
Ing. Eva Janišková (chairwoman of the organisation) and the entire network of volunteers do their work pro bono.
What all of us as volunteers strive for is to help and save cats, which we do with utmost love and care.

Dobré ruce z. s.
Nad Vývozem 4822
760 05 Zlín
Česká republika
Phone: +420 775 229 240
CRN: 22610448
Transparent account – FIO Banka nr. 2300631495/2010, IBAN: CZ24 2010 0000 0023 0063 1495, SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPP

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